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September 8, 2010

Meet the people behind the site -


What is Floramity.com?
Floramity.com is for people who love plants and things related to plants -- gardens, gardening and gardeners -- flowers, floral designs and designers -- and anyone who just loves the natural beauty and wonder of plants.

Who is involved with Floramity.com?
Floramity.com is the newest addition to the Thomlison family ... the fruition of working relationships Carolyn and Bryan Thomlison nurtured with thousands of home-gardening enthusiasts all over America. Since 2004, Carolyn and Bryan have provided websites to garden clubs and, in fact, have constructed more garden club websites than all other website providers combined! Great relationships with garden club members have been a natural outgrowth of Carolyn and Bryan's unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. And, over the years, their technical team has grown to include home-based freelancers (and gardening enthusiasts) across the country.


Bridge in Mercer County Park
Photo by Carolyn Thomlison


How did you get started with garden club websites?
This truly has been a labor of love, beginning way back in the fall of 2000. After more than 25 years in the corporate world, Bryan and Carolyn decided to spend the balance of their lives "giving back" to the community. After several initiatives in the sustainability and social justice fields a succession of events whetted their interest in the Worldwide Web and its power to connect people. Combining this and their passion for gardening took them in this direction. They and their team are now providing more websites to more garden clubs than any other website provider.

In what direction do you envision Floramity going?
Floramity.com is going to grow into the preeminent single-source site for home-gardening and flora enthusiasts. We're going to grow organically. We don't have a big budget, but we know our relationships with thousands of home gardeners will generate an incomparable stream of information and images to Floramity.com, to be shared with the world.

What features are you most excited about in Floramity?
Every member of our team seems to be excited by a different feature. A few of us think the forum will prove to be the most engaging aspect of Floramity.com. Others want our directories to be the focal point of the site, beginning with GardenClubDirectory.org and, later, directories of other flora-related organizations. Still others believe our upcoming floral-images gallery will be an inexhaustible source of interest and learning. And those features are just the beginning!



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