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Welcome to Floramity!

What is Floramity?
Floramity is a free, open forum dedicated to those who share general interest in everything flora related - from floral design to landscaping to gardening.  The name Floramity derives from two words - Flora and Amity, and we wish you will enter this forum with an open, positive mind and reflect this demeanor in your posts.

Forum Etiquette
In order to maintain a constructive, positive environment for all, we ask that you please abide by the following rules -

-no political or religious discussions - Let's face it, not everybody is going to agree with your point of view.  While it may be entertaining and informative to engage in debates regarding religion and politics, it can also be divisive and contrary to this website's philosophy.

-no personal attacks -  In a similar fashion, we ask that you refrain from personal attacks.  Despite what some people think, arguments are never won by people calling each other "fat," or "dumb."  If such a comment arises, it is a recognized rule on this website that this poster is the loser of the argument.

-have the rights to photos being posted- Any photos you post on this site are for the community.  You must have the rights to use the photo (for instance, you must be the creator of said image) and recognize that this image may be used by Floramity and its members.

What to do if you find a post particularly offensive
Floramity utilizes a Karma system as a way to discourage negative postings.  If somebody says something you feel runs opposite of what a topic is about or if you feel a person is just "trolling," click away, lower their Karma, it's what the system is about.
If you come across a post that is in gross violation of Floramity's rules or worse, a post that is downright illegal, please report these posts.  Each reported post will be reviewed and the appropriate action will be taken.

Violators may have accounts temporarily suspended and habitual violators may be banned

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